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Explore Riverside Market..

Fresh, seasonal, locally grown fruit & veges available all year round!

Riverside Market offers vibrancy for locals both working and living in the inner city as well as a destination for visitors and tourists. 3,000 carparks within 500 metres makes the market very accessible. Directly connected is Riverside Lanes offering more retail shopping options in a uniquely Christchurch city environment.

There are dozens of food & drink offerings, including: Butcher's Mistress, Castro’s, Hikari Sishi Train, Eightgrains, Bubble Tea, Noodle Monk, Bacon Bros Burgers, Nepalise, Underground Coffee, Malaysian Delights, Seoul Tiger, Kaiser Beer Garden, El Quincho, Cluck Cluck Slurp, Pure Pulp, Donut Dispensary, Fritz Wieners, Dimitris, Bohemian Bakery, Cashmire Cuisine, Empire Coffee, Herba Gourmet, Empire Chicken, La Panier, Crepes, Mediterranian Food Co, Little Fish Co, Berry Healthy, Curiousity Gin, Brewers Collective & Ben & Jerry’s.

Open 7 days