Find Christchurch NZ

Explore your central city!

Explore the central city to do your Christmas shopping!  There are so many reasons to come into the centre of the city. New laneways, parks, shops and eateries!


General Central City Christmas trading hours: 

Date:                                 Trading Hours:

Thursday 13 December     9am-8pm

Friday 14 December          9am-8pm: Twilight in the Central City!

Saturday 15 December      9am-6pm

Sunday 16 December        9am-6pm: Ballantynes til 5pm

Monday 17 December        9am-7pm

Tuesday 18 December       9am-7pm

Wednesday 19 December  9am-7pm

Thursday 20 December     9am-9pm: BNZ Centre til 8pm

Friday 21 December          9am-9pm: BNZ Centre til 8pm

Saturday 22 December      9am-6pm

Sunday 23 December        9am-6pm

Monday 24 December        9am-5.30pm

Tuesday 25 December       CLOSED

Wednesday 26 December   9am-6pm: Ballantynes 10am-5.30pm

Thursday 27 December      9am-6pm: Ballantynes til 5.30pm

Friday 28 December          9am-6pm: Ballantynes til 5.30pm

Saturday 29 December      10am-5pm: Ballantynes 9am-5pm

Sunday 30 December        10am-5pm

Monday 31 December        10am-5pm: Ballantynes 9am-5.30pm

Tuesday 1 January             10am-5pm: Ballantynes Closed

Wednesday 2 January        10am-5pm: Ballantynes Closed

Thursday 3 January            9am-6pm