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Visit the Central City's Terrace tonight!

The Terrace the central city’s top-shelf dining destination

With a vast array of cuisine on offer, The Terrace is our top choice for eating out in the central city. Ground floor eateries and bars are ideal for people-watching along the City Promenade, while first floor establishments boast views up and down the Avon River.

Chiwahwah is one the most recent restaurants to open on the street, offering modern Mexican food with a fair share of flair. Bedecked with plants and artworks, as well as cosy booths and multi-floor dining.

Stop off at The Little Fiddle Irish Bar for a Guiness. Down Oxford Lane, the red-façade beckons people in with its pub-vibe and air of secrecy. A quiet spot for dinner turns into a place of frivolity once the sun sets. 

Fat Eddie’s continues to punch above its weight as a post-5pm drink spot, as well as a centre for live music. Expect a lounge vibe on the sofas and armchairs, alongside a bustling dance floor, grooving to local musical delights. When it comes to finding ‘the place to be’ on a hot Friday evening, Fat Eddie’s balcony is hard to beat.

These establishments are only the tip of the ice berg, so get online or make the call, and get down to The Terrace now: