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  1. 1

    Avon River Precinct [Friendship Corner] Event Space

    Friendship Corner, Durham Street, Central City

  2. 2

    Avon River Precinct [Park of Remembrance] Event Space

    Cambrudge Terrace, Central City

  3. 3

    Avon River Precinct [Scott Statue Reserve] Event Space

    Oxford Terrace, Central City

  4. 4

    Avon River Precinct [Terraces] Event Space

    Oxford Terrace, Central City

  5. 5

    Avonhead Park Cemetery

    Hawthorndon Road, Avonhead

  6. 6

    Barbadoes Street Cemetery

    Barbadoes Street, Central City

  7. 7

    Belfast Cemetery

    Corner Guthries and Belfast Roads, Belfast

  8. 8

    Bishopdale Skate Park

    Bishopdale Park, Harewood Road

  9. 9

    Bromley Cemetery

    Keighleys Road, Linwood

  10. 10

    Cathedral Square Event Space

    Cranmer Square, Montreal Street, Central City

  11. 11

    City Mall [Bridge of Remembrance] Event Space

    Near Bridge of Remembrance, Central City

  12. 12

    City Mall [High St Triangle] Event Space

    City Mall, High Street, Central City

  13. 13

    Cranmer Square Event Space

    Cranmer Square, Montreal Street, Central City

  14. 14

    Cypress Garden Reserve

    Keighleys Rd, Bromley

  15. 15

    Hagley Park [Entertainment Area] Event Space

    Hagley Park, Central City

  16. 16

    Hagley Park [Special Events] Event Space

    Hagley Park, Central City

  17. 17

    Hoon Hay Park Skate Park

    Mathers Road, Hoon Hay

  18. 18

    Latimer Square Event Space

    Latimer Square, Madras Street, Central City

  19. 19

    Linwood Cemetery

    Butterfield Avenue, Linwood

  20. 20

    Linwood Skate Park

    Linwood Park, Linwood Avenue opposite Eastgate

  21. 21

    Lyttelton Anglican Cemetery

    Canterbury Street, Lyttelton

  22. 22

    Lyttelton Catholic and Public Cemetery

    Reserve Terrace, Lyttelton

  23. 23

    Margaret Mahy Family Playground Event Space

    Armagh Street, Central City

  24. 24

    Matai Common Event Space

    Mollett Street, Central City

  25. 25

    Memorial Park Cemetery

    Ruru Road, Bromley

  26. 26

    Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub

    Augustine Drive, Halswell (access is from Augustine Drive, off Halswell Road - signage indicates the turnoff)

  27. 27

    North Hagley Park [Perimeter] Event Space

    North Hagley Park

  28. 28

    Oxford Street Skate Park

    Oxford Street, Lyttelton

  29. 29

    Prestons Skate Park & Playground

    Prestons West Subdivision, Prestons Road, Marshlands

  30. 30

    Rauora Park Event Space

    Manchester Street from Armagh to Lichfield streets, Central City

  31. 31

    Rawhiti Skate Park

    Rawhiti Domain, Marine Parade, New Brighton

  32. 32

    Ruru Lawn Cemetery

    Off Ruru Road

  33. 33

    SCAPE - Re:ACTIVATE New Brighton

    Marine Parade, seaside, New Brighton

  34. 34

    Sheldon Park Skate Park

    Main North Road, Belfast

  35. 35

    South Hagley Park [Perimeter] Event Space

    South Hagley Park

  36. 36

    St Albans Mini Ramp

    St Albans Park, off Forfar Street

  37. 37

    St Mary's Cemetery

    329 Halswell Road, Halswell

  38. 38

    Sumner Skate Ramp

    26 Nayland Street, Sumner

  39. 39

    Sydenham Cemetery

    Simeon Street, Somerfield

  40. 40

    Vanguard Square Event Space

    5 Poplar Street, Central City

  41. 41

    Victoria Square Event Space

    Corner of Armagh and Colombo streets, Central City

  42. 42

    Waimairi Cemetery

    Grahams Road, Burnside

  43. 43

    Waltham Skate Park

    Waltham Park, Waltham Road

  44. 44

    Washington Skate Park

    Corner of Waltham Road & Moorhouse Ave, Central City

  45. 45

    Wycola Bowl

    Wycola Park, off Manurere St Hei Hei

  46. 46

    Yaldhurst Cemetery

    Buchanans Road, Yaldhurst