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Orana Wildlife Park

Set in 80 hectares of tranquil grounds, this is NZ’s only open range zoo. Orana specialises in providing unique animal encounters in an open range setting. You can get up close and personal with their wonderful animals! Imagine the thrill of hand feeding a majestic giraffe, seeing a tiger search for food, meeting a massive gorilla or white rhino and endangered NZ native wildlife such as kiwi, tuatara and kea.

Visitors will love the gorillas who have just arrived at the park! Oldest brother Fataki (12) weighs 190kg and is starting to develop a silver back. The two ‘little’ boys Fuzu (7) and half-brother Mahali (6) each weigh around 90kg and are mischievous animals with great characters.

McLeans Island Road, Harewood

Phone: 03 359 7109, Fax: 03 359 4330

Last updated: 22.03.2016