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Stoddart Point Reserve

Stoddart Point dominates the central headland in Diamond Harbour. Get there by car, or on the ferry and enjoy a picnic with panoramic views across Lyttelton Harbour. Take a stroll in the Memorial Garden, kick a ball on the rugby field, or visit the charming Stoddart Cottage, a Category 1 listed historic building and birthplace of Margaret Stoddart, one of NZ's foremost flower and landscape painters.

Directions: Get there by car - Dyers Pass from Christchurch to Lyttelton Harbour. Turn right onto the Harbour Road, carry on to Diamond Harbour. Drive through Diamond Harbour and turn left into Waipapa Avenue. Catch a ferry – Take 28 bus to Lyttelton B Jetty. Black Cat ferries depart regularly and take 8 minutes.

Waipapa Avenue, Diamond Harbour

Last updated: 03.08.2015