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Kate Sheppard National Memorial

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Kate Sheppard (1848-1934), was a strong advocate for equal rights for women. Sheppard realised that with the vote women could achieve social reforms. Subsequently this concept developed into her struggle for the rights of New Zealand women to vote. The fifth petition to parliament in 1893 contained 31,872 signatures, a number that was a third of the female adult population of that time. It was due to the efforts of Kate Sheppard that on September 19, 1893 universal suffrage was granted, making it the first country to grant full voting rights to women.

The Kate Sheppard National Memorial was sculpted in 1993 by Margriet Windhausen. It was unveiled on 19 September 1993 and commemorates the centenary of women’s suffrage in NZ - the first self-governing country in the world to grant women the right to vote.

Oxford Terrace, Central City

Last updated: 11.09.2018