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Bridge of Remembrance

Peace City Site:

The Bridge of Remembrance is an icon Christchurch structure which links Oxford and Cambridge Terraces over the Avon River at Cashel Street.  Designed as a triumphal arch and unveiled in 1924, the Bridge and its Arch of Remembrance was constructed to commemorate those lost in WW1 and now honours Canterbury troops who have fought and died in all wars.

The architects were Gummer and Ford, and sculptural elements were carved by F.G. Gurnsey. The foundation stone was laid on Anzac Day, April 25, 1923 and the bridge was opened on Armistice Day, November 11, 1924.

Repair and strengthening of the arch and bridge is underway.

Cashel Street and Oxford Terrace, Central City

Last updated: 30.03.2015