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Created by local artist Kate Belton, the second part of Palimpsest: The Things Which I Have Seen I Now Can See No More, consists of a neon wall work. It replicates a boy's writing from the short film that made up the project's first part. "The street co-ordinates make reference to prominent meeting places from before the earthquake and to the lights and signage of the CBD, which have been lost," Kate says. "The heart of the city, its warmth and its light are gone. "This project calls upon us to remember that which is intimate, be it a map, a familiar handwriting,a memory. Palimpsest seeks to reawaken people's memories of the city as it once was incontrast with the city we know now. It invites people to think about what has been lost and indoing so engage in imagining the future city they hope for."

166 Armagh Street, Central City

Last updated: 22.08.2016