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Riverside Market

Located on the site of the Re:Start Container Mall, this $80 million venue includes a farmers market, restaurants, food stalls, shops, fashion stores and offices.

The market hall features producers and growers from across the region, as well as a huge selection of restaurant and dining options with flavors from around the world including: Argentinean, Greek, Chinese, French, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Turkish.

The market includes a cooking school and a fantastic selection of local businesses in the surrounding laneways ranging from gifts and fashion to tattoos!

Open 7 days, eateries, bars & restaurants open until late.  Market open: Monday - Wednesday doors open at 8am, all traders open 10am-6pm. Thursday - Friday doors open at 8am, all traders open 10am-9pm. Saturday doors open at 8am, all traders open 9am-9pm. Sunday doors open at 9am, all traders open 10am-5pm.

Corner of Oxford Terrace and Cashel Street, Central City

Last updated: 17.03.2021