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Christchurch 360 Trail

This 135 kilometre trail encircles the ever-changing panorama of Christchurch. It showcases and interprets the rich array of natural, landscape, seascape and cultural features of the city, bringing to life gems previously hidden from view. Divided into 8 sections, the trail provides a unique, single or multi-day experience - easily accessed from anywhere in the city, the trail is mostly gentle, safe and increasingly serviced for food, transport and accommodation.

Approximate distances: Godley Cliffs 16.1km, Estuary Marshes 19.4km, Dune Wetlands 15.7km, Brooklands Mouth 10.3km, Waimakariri Braids 18.8km, Avonhead Gardens 7.5km, Opawaho Divide 16.1km, Sugarloaf Hills 18.1km.

Last updated: 05.10.2015