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Coming: Health Precinct

The new Health Precinct will be an area dedicated entirely to testing, fixing and discovering new ways to improve the wellbeing of the Christchurch community.

At the heart of the new Health Precinct will be the redeveloped hospital, which will act as a hub for a host of other care and research facilities. Each will be in walking distance of the hospital, providing patients with easy access to the knowledge and help they need. Having this central health hub will also provide shared research opportunities for our medical professionals. Within the hospital and greater Health Precinct will be: A new acute services wing, additional operating theatres, purpose-designed space for children, an expanded intensive care unit, a radiology department and a new emergency department will provide an even higher level of care for patients. Space for the University of Canterbury, CPIT, University of Otago, and the CDHB to congregate and work.

Antigua Street, Central City

Last updated: 19.05.2016