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Piki Poke

Piki Poke (pronounced Poh-Kay) is located upstairs at The Crossing and is the South Island’s first dedicated poke shop! Discover their modern and unique twist on poke (a Hawaiian marinated fish salad). Each day they select the freshest sustainable, sushi grade fish. It’s fresh, healthy, tasty and fast. Served daily from 10.30am
Or from 8am try one of their specialty Piki Granolas, served with a huge selection of cut fresh fruits, home-made yoghurts & Lewis Road milk.

Open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm, Friday 9am-4pm & Saturday-Sunday 9.30am-4pm 

Upstairs at The Crossing, 166 Cashel Street, Building A A1.02B, Central City

Phone: 03 366 8042

Last updated: 08.01.2019