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Riverside 3D Mural - Street Art

This mural provides a new perspective on street art and demonstrates the rich heritage of a time past, remembering the defining moments that make up our story. It celebrates the spirit of exploration and creativity, with a new perspective on the two-dimensional; it is a smorgasbord of history, grounded in the here and now, with an upward view to the future.

Before: The concept and design for the wall was created by Josh Thompson of Madeknown, with the wall being painted and produced by Oi YOU! and local artists DTR Crew (Dcypher, Wongi Wilson, Ikarus & Jacob Yikes).

After: A public-private-partnership between Riverside Market, Oi YOU!, Madeknown and ChristchurchNZ.

A range of references throughout the wall, from left to right.

  • 'Major Cycle Works' & 'Kiddey Bros Cycle Makers' were large signs on the original building where Riverside is now - just across from the bridge before it became the Bridge of Remembrance.
  • Farmers' Market signs are a reference to local market trading and the Riverside Market inside.
  • 'Trents Castor Pepper' & 'Holbrooks Sauce' ads from 1930's issues of The Christchurch Press.
  • 'Hillary & Tenzing Mountain Equipment & Adventure Goods' is a play on the exploration of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
  • 'Sammy's Jazz Review' was a popular pre-earthquake spot by Poplar Lane.
  • 'Mad Cow' was a bar located right where the entrance of Riverside Market is now on Oxford Tce.
  • 'Woof & Salveson Ltd.' was prominent on the building that used to be at the entrance of the current Riverside car park.
  • 'Roper's Grocer', a local, family owned Christchurch market.
  • 'K.W. (Kate) Sheppard' was the most prominent member of the women's suffrage movement in New Zealand, and a Christchurch local
  • 'Fount Pens Repaired' references early heritage ghost signs from a time past, before smart phones.
  • 'Edward Jollie' - Christchurch city and its tidy grid pattern was designed by surveyor, Edward Jollie.
  • 'A.E Preece, Cyclists Exchange' bicycle shop from the 1880s.
  • Original 'Votes for Women' suffrage posters in the shop window.
  • 'Empire Hotel' including the 'Empire Dive' bar, a classic Christchurch city establishment.
  • 'Bardelli's' on Cashel Street, the popular pre-earthquake bar that Phil Tufnell was thrown out of.
  • 'Petersons Limited' Jewellers & Diamond Merchants building facade with clock face and Steffano Webb photographic studio on High St.
  • 'Haralds' fabric store facade on Lichfield St, with the top facade of 'Worcester Chambers'.
  • 'The White Ribbon' was the first woman-operated newspaper in New Zealand. Kate Sheppard, through her skilful writing and persuasive public speaking, successfully advocated women's suffrage.
  • 'Lux' and 'Ballin Bros' ads from 1930's issues of The Christchurch Press.
  • 'This is the Garden City', 'Puāwai' means 'to bloom, come to fruition, open out (of a flower)'.
  • Riverside Station Terminal references our history of our train stations and delivery in the city.
  • 'Motor Car Painting' ghost sign found on the side of post-quake brick facades.

Lichfield Street, Central City

Last updated: 15.11.2022