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Akaroa Lighthouse

This six-sided, wooden lighthouse located on Cemetery Point was first built on a rugged headland at the entrance to Akaroa Harbour. The lighthouse built in 1878-79, to a design that was developed by an engineer, John Blackett.

The light first shone from this 'manned' lighthouse on 1 January 1880. In 1977, the lighthouse was replaced by an automatic light. The following year a Lighthouse Preservation Society was formed and the tower was moved to it's current location. Today a roster of volunteers 'man' the light house to enable the public to visit and view this iconic historic Akaroa landmark. All funds raised are reinvested into maintaining the lighthouse for all to enjoy.

Open for viewing Sundays 2-4pm or by arrangement, group bookings welcome.

Phone: 03 304 7142 or 03 304 7508

Last updated: 23.05.2023