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Zeek's Mediterranean Kitchen

This no-nonsense modern Mediterranean influenced lunch spot has excellent falafels, souvlakis and healthy salads! Here they believe in the power of a good simple healthy lunch, made well. Grab a takeaway pita or hang out and share plates from a range of flavour-packed souvlakis, salads, grilled meats and sides and make yourself at home.

The souvlakis are the perfect “two-hander lunch” stuffed with your choice of fillings such as char-grilled chicken or falafel with hummus, cucumber, tomato, sumac, onions, tahini and more!

Open 7 days 

Food Terrace, Level 1 at The Crossing, 120/166 Cashel Street, Centrel City

Phone: 027 239 7504

Last updated: 22.05.2023